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It’s Sign Time

Hello again friends! So once again I found something on Pinterest from that I love but think I can make without spending a lot of money. Click the picture of the original Pin below to take you to the Etsy page. This sign costs $35. Not too bad but I think we can do better.

I bought my letters and paint from Michael’s but because they had limited options I had to change my strategy (which works for me since I usually do things my own way). Here are the letters pre-paint and my supplies.

I chose the color “Country Grey” because my walls are white and its a nice neutral tone, plus I already had the ribbon I wanted to use in mind at home, the color of the moment, teal. I painted my letters first and here’s the big tip, when you’re painting wood with sponge brushes you’ll need at least three coats of paint for full coverage. At this point I have to figure out how to incorporate the ribbon (that’s what I love so much about this sign, the lettering and the ribbon). As a former dog groomer I know how to make small bows but I’m going to include a link to a very helpful tutorial so that you can make your own bows too.

Click Here for an Easy Small Bow Tutorial

I didn’t like how the larger letters looked hanging from a ribbon so I decided to mount the letters on my wall and then go from there. I ended up applying the bows to the top of the letters (you just have to have that pop of color). Aside from the painting and bow making this project doesn’t take too much time and you can really take it any way you want it. The possibilities are endless. In the end it cost me $19 to make (we saved $16!), here are the final results of my Laundry Room Sign inspired by Pinterest. If you get the chance I’d love to see some pictures of your signs in the comments section. Have a great night!


The Fabulous No Sew Pillow

I can’t sew. Well I can sew by hand but it’s messy, I can attach a button if necessary, but I have a sewing machine and its like neuroscience to me. In the crafting world this is very limiting. One of these days I am going to learn to sew with my machine and when I do there are some great projects I am going to share with you, but in the meantime I wanted some new throw pillows. My very good friend Marcia found this Pin and suggested we try it one weekend. So we went to Ikea, bought some $1.99 pillows, then we went to Joann’s Fabrics and bought some cute fabric perfect for my bedroom.


This is the original Pin below and when you click the picture it will take you to the tutorial:

We learned a lot of tips and tricks while doing this project and what takes us time to redo and perfect (hopefully with the inside knowledge) you can get right in one try. The first thing you want is spray starch and an iron, taking time to iron the fabric and the creases gives the pillows a much sharper look. The next tip is how to tie a square knot (we had no idea) so we googled and found this great website that slowly shows you how step by step. I’ve included the link below to that website.

The last trick I will share for this project is safety pins, you don’t have to have them but they come in handy to keep extra fabric secured. I also tried my own version of the pillow and instead of tying the knot I folded the fabric over and swaddled it for a fun design (this you secure with safety pins).

This project requires patience and a streak of perfectionism (thank you Marcia for ironing) but its worth it. The grand total for two matching decorative throw pillows is about $12. Happy Pinning and Crafting.

Color Splashing

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” Pablo Picasso

Imagine a world with no colors, how flat and plain everything would be. Do you have a wall like that? I do! I have found an inexpensive and relatively easy solution to bringing in a splash of color and waking up your wall (without the commitment of painting). Everyone needs a piece of statement art, you know the kind of art that stands out, the kind you build a room around. Why not make your own statement art and do some color splashing all at once. The Pin I tried this week is DIY wall art, but truth be told I did not follow the tutorial at all. So I am going to write a tutorial for the way I did this Pin and link you to the original tutorial so that you can make your own decisions about materials and methods. Let’s start with supplies, remember what I told you last week about Mod Podge, guess what you need it again. I used foamboard, scrapbook paper, ribbon, and a paintbrush as well.

If your foamboard doesn’t match the size of your scrapbook paper the first thing you need to do is cut it to fit. Trace the paper on the board and use an exacto knife to cut precisely (if you don’t have an exacto knife a kitchen knife and cutting board will do the trick). Once your pieces fit you want to apply Mod Podge to the foamboard, use it liberally you will need it. Then you take a standard sized paintbrush and go over the glue so that you won’t have lumps on your artwork.

(Bear in mind Mod Podge dries quickly and taking tutorial pictures can cause you to have to apply extra.)

The next part requires patience, quickness, and getting it right in one to two tries. You want to place your scrapbook paper on your foamboard as precisely as you can while making sure to keep it even. Once you have it on your board, use a sheet of paper towel to smooth it out to prevent rippling of your paper. Don’t worry about getting a little glue on your paper it dries clear.

Here is my halfway point:

Finish applying your paper and move on to the next step. Using ribbon you can trim your board to give it a more professional feel, I chose to use a hot glue gun for this instead of the Mod Podge. Measure your ribbon and apply it (the bonus about this is that you can cover up any mishaps and you will have a few).

I used a nice black velvet ribbon, really gives it an artsy feel. Now when it comes to hanging your artwork you have options. I tried it first with picture hangers but found that it takes time to get it even and it doesn’t stay flush to the wall as much as I wanted it to.  So I used an old standard, double-sided foam tape. It stays close to the wall and doesn’t budge. I really enjoyed this project and picking out the paper is 90% of the fun. You can go any direction you want, modern, bold, girly, whatever your personal taste is you can make it into art. Here is the finished product:

Here is the original pin, click it for that tutorial:

What’s the best thing about DIY? This project (with the help of a 40% off Michael’s coupon) only cost about $11 – $15. Trying finding some statement artwork for that price and keep on Pinning!

Everyone Likes a Wine Project

I for one, am a huge fan of wine, actually we’re more like family. Wine is always there for me and it never comes back to haunt me the next day like some alcohol does. The best thing about wine is that you drink it out of wine glasses, and wine glasses can be as simple or as over the top as you want them to be. Now while I am more than willing to drink out of a solo cup if need be, who out there would argue with adding a little glitter? I found this idea to add some sparkle to wine glasses and the tutorial seemed easy enough. The good news is that all you need is Modge Podge (if you don’t have some invest because it can be used for millions of projects), glitter, tape (duct or painters), a paintbrush, and finally glasses. I bought some plain run of the mill glasses at WalMart for $.97 a piece, hello bargain, and picked up the few supplies I didn’t have. I will be including the original Pin picture (click for tutorial) but the concept is simple, lay down a sheet, tape the lip of the glass, apply the Modge Podge with the paint brush, and roll it in glitter. I did come across some technical difficulties during this project and that’s why I’m trying things first so that you can learn from my mistakes. Once you roll it in glitter you have to be patient and wait for it to dry completely then you can apply the last coat of Modge Podge to seal and give it a clear coat. If you can’t wait you run the risk of pushing the glitter on the glass and getting clumps. The other difficulty is tape placement, try to get it as straight as possible so you have an even looking line. Other than that this project was relatively fast, inexpensive, and easy. Bonus it makes a cute gift for the wine drinker in your life, like me. Here is the original Pin and my versions (I tried one with white glitter too, not as showy but still cute, especially for a bride.)

One more thing before you go, once you glitter your glass it becomes handwash only. Cheers!

***UPDATE*** UPDATE*** May 20th  UPDATE*** UPDATE***

The best thing about trying new things is that you learn new things as you try them. I learned some things about glitter wine glasses (as explained above) and the truth is I liked my glasses but I wasn’t in love with them. Today I decided to give it one more try and the good news is with hot water you can peel the glitter design right off, no fuss, no mess. That means you can redo your glasses anytime you change your mind. For me that happens a lot. So I started from scratch and I decided to make a glitter design instead, now I’m no Van Gogh (seriously) so I settled on doing Polka Dots. They are easy and cute, right up my alley. The first thing I had to do was find something round to make the dots and what I found was a battery (the best thing about crafts is that anything can be used if you think on your feet). I dipped the flat end in the Mod Podge and there were my perfect polka dots. The only other difference this time around was instead of rolling the glass in the glitter I sprinkled it on top (keeps it from making your dots misshapen and from clumping) the rest my friends is the same as how I finished the project above. One more thing before you run to the craft closet, a small makeup brush works great to brush off the excess glitter and a makeup sponge is perfect for sealing the glitter on the dots with Mod Podge. Oh and now I love my glasses!

Quickie Pins

This weekend I had the opportunity to try a couple of “quickie Pins” things that don’t take much time or effort, but still to make an impact. After all, we’ve heard the sayings, less is more or it’s the small things that count. So let’s start with the first Pin, I saw some candles that looked very classy when paired with coffee beans and with the right candle and beans I bet it could smell amazing. So I took a glass that I already had with a candle and some rocks and pulled the switch. I put together some whole french vanilla coffee beans and a vanilla candle, you can use whatever combination of flavors or fragrances you prefer. I have it set up on my end table next to my love seat and even without lighting it, it smells wonderful. I have it pictured below, the original Pin is to the left my candle is on the right.

The second Pin I tried this weekend was a DIY Spongeholder, usually I don’t think too much about my sponges which is exactly why this easy to make holder comes in handy. It looks good and all you need is a shampoo or lotion bottle, scissors, and an emery board or sand paper. I will post the picture of the Pin first as usual (click the picture for the tutorial link) followed by my new homemade spongeholder.

The lesson of the “quickie Pin” is that even the Pins that aren’t as cute or as fabulous can still improve your quality of life. So make sure you take the time to make something useful today.

Spring Time

It’s that wonderful time of year, the temperatures are rising and colors are getting brighter. Spring is here! How do you celebrate the time of year when the cold, gray world comes back to life? Let everyone know you are coming back to life too, its time for a new wreath. Your front door is your impression maker, it’s the first thing people see when they come to visit. What does your front door say about you, mine was telling people that I was still hibernating. So I found a wreath that I really liked and decided that I could make one of my very own. This is the Pin I chose, it’s from

It was pretty simple to make after I got back from Michaels. Altogether with the materials it cost me about $29 to make my wreath. The Etsy version while very cute costs $46. So definitely a savings! All you need is a grapevine wreath, some faux tulips, the letter R (or whatever letter you need), and some good old fashion hot glue. I chose different colors because I prefer a little more pop and I also personalized it. You can go anyway you want because it’s a DIY. I placed my tulips where I wanted first, applying glue when needed for the leaves. (A little goes a long way) Then I added my letter R and voila! my door is not grumpy anymore.

I recommend this fun DIY project, there are many great wreathes on Pinterest for Spring, pick yours and brighten up your door today.

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