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It’s Sign Time

Hello again friends! So once again I found something on Pinterest from that I love but think I can make without spending a lot of money. Click the picture of the original Pin below to take you to the Etsy page. This sign costs $35. Not too bad but I think we can do better.

I bought my letters and paint from Michael’s but because they had limited options I had to change my strategy (which works for me since I usually do things my own way). Here are the letters pre-paint and my supplies.

I chose the color “Country Grey” because my walls are white and its a nice neutral tone, plus I already had the ribbon I wanted to use in mind at home, the color of the moment, teal. I painted my letters first and here’s the big tip, when you’re painting wood with sponge brushes you’ll need at least three coats of paint for full coverage. At this point I have to figure out how to incorporate the ribbon (that’s what I love so much about this sign, the lettering and the ribbon). As a former dog groomer I know how to make small bows but I’m going to include a link to a very helpful tutorial so that you can make your own bows too.

Click Here for an Easy Small Bow Tutorial

I didn’t like how the larger letters looked hanging from a ribbon so I decided to mount the letters on my wall and then go from there. I ended up applying the bows to the top of the letters (you just have to have that pop of color). Aside from the painting and bow making this project doesn’t take too much time and you can really take it any way you want it. The possibilities are endless. In the end it cost me $19 to make (we saved $16!), here are the final results of my Laundry Room Sign inspired by Pinterest. If you get the chance I’d love to see some pictures of your signs in the comments section. Have a great night!



If you’re like me by now you have stumbled onto the newest internet craze, Pinterest, and from there you spent hours repinning and feeling pretty darn crafty. But let’s face it, there is more to it than just liking a bunch of ideas, it’s about taking them and adapting them into your own ideas or shamelessly copying them. That’s the beauty of Pinterest, you don’t have to be creative to be creative, it’s a tutorial on how to be fabulously crafty and fashionable. I started pinning last fall and as you know the holidays are the best time to get pulled into your Pinterest addiction, I mean who knew there were that many ways to decorate pumpkins without those pesky knives? I decided not just to like these great ideas but to put them into practice, test them out if you will, and the results have not let me down. From fun decorations to amazing meals to fantastic home decor, I found everything I needed to make my life a little more decorative. I will be including some of the past things I have tried from Pinterest and recording my year of bringing Pins to life. I will also be putting all of my Pins that I use and my versions on a board on my Pinterest page. I hope you’ll try new things with me and suggest things you would like to see before you try it yourself. Together we can get out of the computer chair and into some projects.

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