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Quickie Pins

This weekend I had the opportunity to try a couple of “quickie Pins” things that don’t take much time or effort, but still to make an impact. After all, we’ve heard the sayings, less is more or it’s the small things that count. So let’s start with the first Pin, I saw some candles that looked very classy when paired with coffee beans and with the right candle and beans I bet it could smell amazing. So I took a glass that I already had with a candle and some rocks and pulled the switch. I put together some whole french vanilla coffee beans and a vanilla candle, you can use whatever combination of flavors or fragrances you prefer. I have it set up on my end table next to my love seat and even without lighting it, it smells wonderful. I have it pictured below, the original Pin is to the left my candle is on the right.

The second Pin I tried this weekend was a DIY Spongeholder, usually I don’t think too much about my sponges which is exactly why this easy to make holder comes in handy. It looks good and all you need is a shampoo or lotion bottle, scissors, and an emery board or sand paper. I will post the picture of the Pin first as usual (click the picture for the tutorial link) followed by my new homemade spongeholder.

The lesson of the “quickie Pin” is that even the Pins that aren’t as cute or as fabulous can still improve your quality of life. So make sure you take the time to make something useful today.


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