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Let’s Paint Our Thumbs Green

I live in an apartment that to me is my little slice of heaven on the top floor. It is rapidly earning the name “The House that Pinterest Built” because with my projects I have turned it into a home and a retreat. I also have a balcony (most apartments do) and I have a goal in mind. I want to turn my balcony into an oasis. Somewhere fresh and green with cozy chairs that people will be drawn to. I already have two plants, a small grill, and comfy chairs in my oasis but its time to start adding some pop to it. I have been interested in growing my own herbs for a while now and it can be intimidating but thanks to Pinterest I found someone who went through the process first and has given us some great tips to get started. The first thing you want to do is get your supplies, good potting soil, herbs, and the pots of your choice.

I lucked out because this was the last bag of potting soil and because of the hole I got it for $1.25 (Everyone loves a steal). I also happened to win a $5 gift card to the nursery from work on Wednesday, I’d say its serendipitous that I should go ahead and get my herb garden going. So with my herbs, soil, pots, and cute little owl ornament. I pulled off my herb garden for just under $20 (I am certain this will pay for itself in time).

Here’s the original Pin, click the image for a very helpful page of tips on how to start and maintain a successful herb garden.


Below is my completed herb garden. I found some colorful pots at Target ($3.99 for the whole pot set) as well as this matching owl ornament I just had to have (also $3.99).

I will be sure to update you about the status of my garden in the future. I hope that my freshly painted green thumb will prove to be a success and that soon one of my Pinterest recipes will have fresh herbs in it. Now get outside this weekend and make something beautiful!


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