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Memorial Day Ribs Made Easy

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! I hope you all have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday weekend. Now let me try to make it a little more so. Ribs are a summer staple, delicious, messy, and perfect for a BBQ but grilling can be tricky.  I found the perfect Pin for Crock Pot Ribs and tried the recipe yesterday. It’s easy and doesn’t involve a lot of prep. I won’t take much of your time away from this gorgeous weekend. Click the original Pin below for the recipe.

Follow the recipe and you will have some fantastic ribs.

Enjoy!!! P.S. I used Sweet Baby Ray’s Sauce, the ultimate sauce.



Chicken Tacos Made Easy, Yes Please.

When I started this blog I didn’t want to just do crafts and projects, I wanted to really take what Pinterest had to offer and try new things. That being said I made my first recipe from Pinterest and found that I could make chicken tacos (my favorite) with next to no prep and a crock pot. Saving me time and effort, I could come home from work, warm up the tortillas, and pig out. Hallelujah.

Here is the original Pin (clicking the picture will take you to the recipe).

My Version

The recipe says only three ingredients but it wouldn’t my blog if I didn’t do my own thing. I used an El Paso soft taco dinner kit, green peppers, and Pace salsa. I toss the chicken in the crock pot, add some salsa, the seasoning mix and taco sauce from the taco kit and set it to low. I usually set it up before work in the morning. When I get home its one quick stir with a fork and the chicken shreds itself. If you have the opportunity to make these while your home or make it back home halfway through the day, chop up those green peppers and add them in with the chicken (saves you from cooking them later and they add delicious flavor). It’s that simple and the chicken is amazingly tender. If you like tacos and you are busy busy but you’re not a beef person this is the ultimate recipe for you. Enjoy!

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