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Color Splashing

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” Pablo Picasso

Imagine a world with no colors, how flat and plain everything would be. Do you have a wall like that? I do! I have found an inexpensive and relatively easy solution to bringing in a splash of color and waking up your wall (without the commitment of painting). Everyone needs a piece of statement art, you know the kind of art that stands out, the kind you build a room around. Why not make your own statement art and do some color splashing all at once. The Pin I tried this week is DIY wall art, but truth be told I did not follow the tutorial at all. So I am going to write a tutorial for the way I did this Pin and link you to the original tutorial so that you can make your own decisions about materials and methods. Let’s start with supplies, remember what I told you last week about Mod Podge, guess what you need it again. I used foamboard, scrapbook paper, ribbon, and a paintbrush as well.

If your foamboard doesn’t match the size of your scrapbook paper the first thing you need to do is cut it to fit. Trace the paper on the board and use an exacto knife to cut precisely (if you don’t have an exacto knife a kitchen knife and cutting board will do the trick). Once your pieces fit you want to apply Mod Podge to the foamboard, use it liberally you will need it. Then you take a standard sized paintbrush and go over the glue so that you won’t have lumps on your artwork.

(Bear in mind Mod Podge dries quickly and taking tutorial pictures can cause you to have to apply extra.)

The next part requires patience, quickness, and getting it right in one to two tries. You want to place your scrapbook paper on your foamboard as precisely as you can while making sure to keep it even. Once you have it on your board, use a sheet of paper towel to smooth it out to prevent rippling of your paper. Don’t worry about getting a little glue on your paper it dries clear.

Here is my halfway point:

Finish applying your paper and move on to the next step. Using ribbon you can trim your board to give it a more professional feel, I chose to use a hot glue gun for this instead of the Mod Podge. Measure your ribbon and apply it (the bonus about this is that you can cover up any mishaps and you will have a few).

I used a nice black velvet ribbon, really gives it an artsy feel. Now when it comes to hanging your artwork you have options. I tried it first with picture hangers but found that it takes time to get it even and it doesn’t stay flush to the wall as much as I wanted it to.  So I used an old standard, double-sided foam tape. It stays close to the wall and doesn’t budge. I really enjoyed this project and picking out the paper is 90% of the fun. You can go any direction you want, modern, bold, girly, whatever your personal taste is you can make it into art. Here is the finished product:

Here is the original pin, click it for that tutorial:

What’s the best thing about DIY? This project (with the help of a 40% off Michael’s coupon) only cost about $11 – $15. Trying finding some statement artwork for that price and keep on Pinning!


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2 thoughts on “Color Splashing

  1. Marcia on said:

    I love that you started this post with a Picasso quote. It really is fitting because to me the more abstract the better with this statement piece. It should have meaning to you that maybe others don’t quite understand but because it all flows together with like elements thats ok. I love it and will be making my own statement piece soon!

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