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Everyone Likes a Wine Project

I for one, am a huge fan of wine, actually we’re more like family. Wine is always there for me and it never comes back to haunt me the next day like some alcohol does. The best thing about wine is that you drink it out of wine glasses, and wine glasses can be as simple or as over the top as you want them to be. Now while I am more than willing to drink out of a solo cup if need be, who out there would argue with adding a little glitter? I found this idea to add some sparkle to wine glasses and the tutorial seemed easy enough. The good news is that all you need is Modge Podge (if you don’t have some invest because it can be used for millions of projects), glitter, tape (duct or painters), a paintbrush, and finally glasses. I bought some plain run of the mill glasses at WalMart for $.97 a piece, hello bargain, and picked up the few supplies I didn’t have. I will be including the original Pin picture (click for tutorial) but the concept is simple, lay down a sheet, tape the lip of the glass, apply the Modge Podge with the paint brush, and roll it in glitter. I did come across some technical difficulties during this project and that’s why I’m trying things first so that you can learn from my mistakes. Once you roll it in glitter you have to be patient and wait for it to dry completely then you can apply the last coat of Modge Podge to seal and give it a clear coat. If you can’t wait you run the risk of pushing the glitter on the glass and getting clumps. The other difficulty is tape placement, try to get it as straight as possible so you have an even looking line. Other than that this project was relatively fast, inexpensive, and easy. Bonus it makes a cute gift for the wine drinker in your life, like me. Here is the original Pin and my versions (I tried one with white glitter too, not as showy but still cute, especially for a bride.)

One more thing before you go, once you glitter your glass it becomes handwash only. Cheers!

***UPDATE*** UPDATE*** May 20th  UPDATE*** UPDATE***

The best thing about trying new things is that you learn new things as you try them. I learned some things about glitter wine glasses (as explained above) and the truth is I liked my glasses but I wasn’t in love with them. Today I decided to give it one more try and the good news is with hot water you can peel the glitter design right off, no fuss, no mess. That means you can redo your glasses anytime you change your mind. For me that happens a lot. So I started from scratch and I decided to make a glitter design instead, now I’m no Van Gogh (seriously) so I settled on doing Polka Dots. They are easy and cute, right up my alley. The first thing I had to do was find something round to make the dots and what I found was a battery (the best thing about crafts is that anything can be used if you think on your feet). I dipped the flat end in the Mod Podge and there were my perfect polka dots. The only other difference this time around was instead of rolling the glass in the glitter I sprinkled it on top (keeps it from making your dots misshapen and from clumping) the rest my friends is the same as how I finished the project above. One more thing before you run to the craft closet, a small makeup brush works great to brush off the excess glitter and a makeup sponge is perfect for sealing the glitter on the dots with Mod Podge. Oh and now I love my glasses!


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