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Spring Time

It’s that wonderful time of year, the temperatures are rising and colors are getting brighter. Spring is here! How do you celebrate the time of year when the cold, gray world comes back to life? Let everyone know you are coming back to life too, its time for a new wreath. Your front door is your impression maker, it’s the first thing people see when they come to visit. What does your front door say about you, mine was telling people that I was still hibernating. So I found a wreath that I really liked and decided that I could make one of my very own. This is the Pin I chose, it’s from

It was pretty simple to make after I got back from Michaels. Altogether with the materials it cost me about $29 to make my wreath. The Etsy version while very cute costs $46. So definitely a savings! All you need is a grapevine wreath, some faux tulips, the letter R (or whatever letter you need), and some good old fashion hot glue. I chose different colors because I prefer a little more pop and I also personalized it. You can go anyway you want because it’s a DIY. I placed my tulips where I wanted first, applying glue when needed for the leaves. (A little goes a long way) Then I added my letter R and voila! my door is not grumpy anymore.

I recommend this fun DIY project, there are many great wreathes on Pinterest for Spring, pick yours and brighten up your door today.


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